Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2190


Phone: 704-523-5336

Services Offered at this Location:

Oil Change Services
Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change
High Mileage Oil Change
SUV Gold Oil Change
RV/Diesel Oil Change
Synthetic Oil Change
Ultra Oil Change
Mobil1® Synthetic Oil Change

Air Filtration Services
PCV Valve
Air Filter Replacement Service
Cabin Air Filters
Hybrid Battery Cooling Filter

A/C Services
A/C Check
A/C Service
A/C Cabin Mist Service

Radiator Services
Radiator Service
Radiator Cap
Radiator Cleaner and Conditioner

Transmission Services
Automatic Transmission Drain and Fill Service
Manual Transmission Service
Front or Rear Differential Service
Transfer Case
Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange Service
Transmission Cleaner and Conditioner
Renu (Replenishes Used Transmission Fluid Additives)

Fuel Services
Gas Additive
Fuel Filter Replacement Service
Fuel System Cleaning
Diesel Fuel System Cleaning

Windshield Services
Windshield Treatment Service
Premium Wiper Blade Replacement
Premium Beam Blades

Drive Belt Services
Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

Engine Treatment
Oil Drain Plugs
Oil System Cleaner
Oil Additive
Engine Flush

Tire Rotation Services
Tire Rotation: Four Tires
Digital Wheel Balance

Battery Services
Battery Cleaning Protection
Interstate Batteries

Signal and Head Lights
Headlight Restoration Service

Steering Services
Power Steering Fluid Exchange
Power Steering Cleaner and Conditioner